Success Stories
December 5, 2014



Amanda has always struggled with her weight from being a teenager. Being a consistent yo-yo dieter Amanda had tried the cabbage soup diet, lighter life shakes, slimming world and weight watcher but only getting a short term weight loss boost and seeing her weight loss creep back on especially after having her second child where she found herself the heaviest she had been in 10 years!

amanda mix

Amanda like most women who struggle with their weight, lacked in confidence and would shy away from social occasions so not to draw attention to her weight gain to her friends and families. When buying bigger clothes Amanda would head straight for the back of the clothes rails, hiding herself under baggy clothes even though she had a wardrobe full of smaller sized clothes that she ‘would get into’ that she would buy as motivation for the next diet fad she tried and end up disappointed when yet another diet failed.




Amanda became reliant on inhalers as her health deteriorated while her body compensated for her weight gain and on a bike ride with her children found herself blaming the brakes sticking for having to keep stopping to catch her breath.

Amanda realised then enough was enough and contact Bodyline Crosby. At her consultation she felt so nervous as not having weighed herself in so long she was embarrassed by what the scales would reveal but there was no need to worry, the friendly staff at the Crosby clinic put her at ease straight away, setting her short terms goals to reach to help keep the weight loss off and change her eating behaviour for a long term lifestyle change.

Amanda began the programme, taking her appetite suppressants every morning as advised. She knew she had to ensure she boost her metabolism by eating little and often even though at times she didn’t feel hungry. Her routine consisted of nuts, fruit and cereal bars ensuring she got all the nutrients she needs as well as the protein to give her the energy to get through the day for her main meal. By increasing her water intake, she became fuller for longer and began to see a huge difference in the healthiness of her skin. She also set herself a personal goal by buying a pair of skinny jeans that were 3 dress sizes too small. Looking at those jeans motivated her to reach her next bodyline goal.

Amanda has a lost over 4 stone on the Bodyline Weight Loss Programme at our Crosby clinic and feels proud of her achievements so far, walking around wearing a huge beaming smile and becoming more confident as people saw the weight loss. She no longer has to look at the back of the clothes rail and hide her new body under dark baggy clothes and those skinny jeans she bought, well they are now too big !!! Congratulations Amanda, fantastic achievement.

‘I would highly recommend Bodyline Crosby to anybody wanting to change their life for the better… I will never look back now and will NEVER go back to that frumpy person that once lived in me’