Success Stories
June 26, 2014











Bev was too embarrassed to go out and found that nothing fitted or made her feel confident enough to enjoy a social life. Even the simplest of activities made her out of breath and she started having to rely on others for help to get around.

New Years Eve changed all that. After standing in front of a mirror with a bottle of wine in her hand after turning down a night of celebration with friends and family, Bev decided enough was enough, having been a Bodyline client previously but not being motivated enough to stick to the plan, she now felt it was now or never and with the Bodyline Weight Loss Programme being an easy and effective way to help her lose weight she returned to the clinic.

With the help of Bodyline Wilmslow, Bev has re-trained the way she eats. By following a healthy diet and writing everything down into a weekly food planner, Bev is able to identify the reasons why she gained weight at some of her weight loss reviews and was able to change that specific eating habit which has led to her losing a fantastic 33lbs in just under 18 weeks.

This control and management of her food intake also allows Bev to maintain her weight and prevents her from gaining any when she takes breaks from her medication and weight loss programme.

Bev found coming to the clinic on a weekly basis most effective, she felt it gave her the motivation to stick to the plan and was able to get to know the staff at the clinic and make friends. The personal service Bev received at Bodyline gave her the encouragement to continue and the support system available to her helped build her confidence as the weight dropped off.

Bev now is able to walk to work without getting breathless, has more energy to play with her grandchildren and feels more confident. The fact she can now go shopping for clothes and not feel embarrassed makes her proud of her achievement and motivates her more to reach her ideal weight.

Bodyline Wilmslow has given Bev a new lease of life and with heading into the summer, Bev finds herself planning holidays away in the sun to show off just how proud she is of her achievement.

If you feel, like Bev, that enough is enough and that you could benefit from an easy and effective weight loss programme and want to look fabulous for your summer holiday then ring our customer services line for more information on 0845 491 8750 and book your FREE consultation or visit our website at we have clinics in Birkenhead, Crosby, Openshaw, Stockport, Warrington, Wilmslow and Wythenshawe.