Diet Tips
August 15, 2016




What are you eating today? Did you know that so-called superfood’s are nutritional powerhouses that help build bones, prevent chronic diseases, improve your eyesight, and even keep your mind sharp, but NEWSFLASH: evidence suggests these foods can also help you get–and stay–slim? And with Bodyline’s Weight Loss and Slimming Programmes you will be on to a winning combination.

Here is Bodyline’s top 10 must eat foods and how they will give your weight loss that added super-powered boost at your next slimming clinic review


These 10 foods don’t make up all the super foods – as you can see by the picture, if you don’t like a certain food then you can swap to another but Bodyline’s top 10 will help more with weight loss

SuperfoodsEGGS: One of the best superfood’s because you get a good serving of protein in an inexpensive little package and for just 70 calories each.
LENTILS: These are a bona fide belly flattener. Eating them helps prevent insulin spikes that cause your body to create excess fat.
GOJI BERRIES: These chewy, tart berries have a hunger-curbing edge over other fruit with only 35 calories per tablespoon.
WILD SALMON: Not only do fish fats keep your  heart healthy, but they  shrink your waist, too. Omega-3 fatty acids improve insulin sensitivity—which helps build muscle and decrease belly fat. And the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns.
JALAPENO PEPPERS: These are packed with capsaicin, a compound found in spicy peppers that’s credited with speeding up metabolism and suppressing your appetite. An excellent addition to boost your appetite suppressants Phentermine or Diethylpropion medication prescribed from one of our North-West Bodyline Clinics.
BUCKWHEAT PASTA: Swap plain noodles for this hearty variety; you’ll slip into your favourite jeans in no time. Buckwheat is high in fiber and, unlike most carbs, contains protein, so it’s harder to overeat buckwheat pasta than the regular stuff.
YOGURT: Dietitians often refer to plain yogurt as the perfect food, and for good reason: With its trifecta of carbs, protein and fat, it can stave off hunger by keeping blood sugar levels steady.
OATMEAL: Whole grains are critical as part of your Bodyline weight loss programme and there’s nothing easier than oatmeal. It’s a great source of fiber. which lowers blood cholesterol, aids in digestion and improves your metabolism.
NUTS: The unsaturated fats in nuts are good for your heart and almonds especially help lower blood pressure and body fat.
TURKEY: Skinless turkey is the leanest protein sourced meat on the planet. Its packed with nutrients that are heart healthy its low in fat, inexpensive, versatile, and always available. Look out for next weeks Blog giving you some healthy recipe ideas for this Supersized Superfood.


When trying to change your eating habits to a more healthier alternative as part of your Bodyline weight loss programme and prescribed appetite suppressants many people make the mistake of focusing on the things they cant have, finding themselves drawn to the brightly-coloured packaging of the less-than-healthy processed foods that are lined in our supermarkets is a temptation to all of us. But beyond these shelves there’s still hundreds of healthy options waiting to be picked up and put in your shopping trolley, these superfoods are just the first step to boost your weight loss and give you the energy and motivation to reach your slimming goals.

For any further advice on how to supersize your weight loss then our team of dedicated doctors and nurses are on hand to advise you on the nutrition and diet element of your Bodyline Slimming programme. Just call into one of our North- West based clinic’s for all your support and weight loss needs.