Success Stories
March 29, 2013

Bodyline Crosby helps Student Tom to lose over 4 stone

Student Tom put on weight when he started Uni in Preston.  He was enjoying the student life going out with friends and drinking.   He decided he needed to do something about his weight for the sake of his health, he was over 21 stone at his heaviest.  Tom’s lifestyle at Uni meant he was sat down all day studying, he ate a typical student diet that wasn’t very healthy and also drank a few nights a week. 

Tom’s Sister Janine had been to Bodyline and lost over three stone so he thought he’d give it a try.  Tom nervously went along to our Crosby Clinic.  He expected to see raised eyebrows, but was pleasantly surprised at the reception he received.  “I expected to feel embarrassed, but was made to feel very welcome”.

Tom was prescribed Phentermine and started losing weight straight away, he found he lost about 3-4 lbs a week.  Even though the Crosby clinic was quite far from his university, he made the effort to go every couple of weeks, as he found the support from the nurses really helped.  Tom has lost over 4 stone since joining Bodyline.

Tom has changed his lifestyle, he eats smaller portions and now only drinks once a week.  He used to suffer with knee problems which have been alleviated since losing weight.  He has much more confidence and feels happier.  He still would like to lose some more weight, but he feels confident he will reach his goals.