Success Stories
August 9, 2012

Danni from Stockport gets a new lease of life after losing over three stone and dropping three dress sizes with Bodyline

“The weight crept on over a period of months. I didn’t notice it so much at first. Ah what’s a few pounds here and there? I’ll lose it eventually I thought to myself as I carried on eating junk food, full sugar cola and large portions of food as well as high calorie snacks in-between. It wasn’t just how I looked though, I felt sluggish and struggled to get out of bed every morning.

Danni: Then

Before and After picture 2

Danni: Now

“By the time I had reached a size 16 I knew it was time to take action. A friend of mine told me about Bodyline and how it can help get you back on track without needing to follow complicated, time consuming diets. She said that the doctors and nurses would do a health check and then discuss a treatment plan that’s suitable for me, taking into account my lifestyle and how much weight I wanted to lose.

“Feeling fed up and frumpy at Christmas, I bit the bullet and went along to the Stockport clinic for my first session. It was so easy and I needn’t have been nervous – the nurses soon put my mind at ease with their friendly and professional approach and together we discussed a plan of action for achieving my ideal dress size of a 10/12 through an effective diet and exercise programme and appetite suppressants as part of the weight loss plan.”

“Since then, I have lost 3 stones, 3 pounds and I’m a slim 10/12 which feels amazing. I have loads more energy, my confidence has improved and I enjoy going out with my friends now…it’s great shopping for a fabulous outfit that fits and then going out in the evening to show it off with confidence! I am so much happier with the new slimmer version of me – it sounds like a cliché but I just can’t believe what a difference the Bodyline plan has made to my life.”