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Prescription Slimming Pills vs Over the Counter Solutions

There are many diet medications and slimming pills that claim to help you lose weight, however medical research has shunned the success of over the counter weight loss solutions in favour of licenced slimming pills. Licenced slimming tablets are only available from registered clinics such as Bodyline Clinic.

Slimming Pills that Work

Research carried out by the Obesity Management Association proved that prescription slimming pills are most effective when combined with weekly slimming consultations where patients receive a health check up to monitor their response to the diet medication. On average, patients lost an astonishing 9% of their body weight when participation was monitored by a fully trained doctor or nurse.

Slimming Tablets and Regular Health Check Ups

Throughout your term as one of our patients, we will continuously monitor your response to prescribed slimming tablets by arranging regular check-ups. The importance of regular check-ups is not to be ignored, in addition to measuring your health, regular consultations have been proven to aid fast, effective weight-loss. Bodyline’s Weight Management Programmes are not available over the internet.

How Slimming Pills Work

Our slimming pills contain Phentermine and Diethylpropion, medical appetite suppressants that work to reduce the feeling of hunger by significantly suppressing your appetite. These medications are an effective aid to slimming and are generally well tolerated. We have treated
over 20,000 clients with excellent success rate.

How Much Does it Cost?

Our slimming plans start from £14 per week and includes a private one to one consultation where diet and exercise recommendations will be discussed and your medication will be prescribed.

Making an Appointment

Making an appointment is quick and easy – for 50% off your first week, fill in one of our forms! Start your journey to a sliming you, today.

1. Tell us your name, email address and telephone number – pop them in the form on the right hand side, at the top of this page.

2. We’ll call you back – you’ll receive a call from one of our trained medical professionals within 24 hours to arrange an appointment at one of our seven clinics.

3. Attend your appointment – consultations are proven to aid weight-loss quicker. On average, patients who follow a medical plan lost 9% of their body weight (approx. 9.6kg) in just 12 weeks! (Survey of 947 patients carried out by the Obesity Management Association)