Success Stories
September 26, 2014


Stacey had spent months avoiding standing on those scales. As her clothes got tighter, she found herself feeling very uncomfortable and embarrassed when having to try size 22 clothes on in the shops. With her confidence at an all time low, Stacey stopped going out with the friends and increasingly became unhappy with her life.

Seeing her daughter growing up so fast, she knew she had to do something and now for her families and her own future. So Stacey joined the well known slimming world programme but found herself feeling sluggish and lazy from all the starchy foods she was eating and after a month of what felt like really hard work, constantly being stuck in the kitchen she felt her 1 stone weight loss just wasn’t good enough.

Stacey then turned to Bodyline Stockport for help. Bodyline’s easy and effective programme allowed her to spend more time with her family. Stacey felt motivated for the first time in ages, she even joined the gym to boost her weight loss in conjunction with her prescribe appetite suppressants ‘Phentermine’ and was even seen sporting a bikini on a well deserved girly holiday.

Thanks to the team at Bodyline Stockport on Heaton Lane, Stacey stayed on track by attending the clinic every week. This helped her to stay motivated and helped her achieve an amazing 3 and a half stone weight loss.

Stacey finally feels back to her old, confident self. Bodyline truly has been life changing not only just for her but her family as well.