Success Stories
July 3, 2013

Jessica’s transformation after losing four stone with Bodyline

Jessica’s weight had gradually crept up and her confidence suffered.  She had tried to lose weight herself by going to Weight Watchers and Slimming World but struggled, when her Mum’s friends told Jessica about Bodyline she decided to give it a try.

before and after weight loss

Jessica found our nurses friendly and helpful, she said they took the time to properly explain everything and gave her advice when she needed it.  She was prescribed Phentermine diet pills which helped her to manage her hunger better.

Jessica understood that she would need to change to her lifestyle to lose weight and maintain it, she said you can’t just rely on the slimming tablets. She worked out at the gym and went swimming regularly.  Jessica also started eating a healthy diet and cut back on carbohydrates. 

As Jessica lost weight she noticed her energy came back and that motivated her even further.  She has now lost over 4 stone with Bodyline.  Jessica says she feels much better and her confidence has come back.  She lives life to the full now, she enjoys going out with friends and being able to buy clothes from any shop she likes.