Success Stories
June 19, 2014











 Jill started Bodyline last March/April 2013. On her first weigh in she was 12.5 lb, a size 16 and had said previously to herself and her husband that enough was enough and she had to loose weight.

Like a lot of Bodyline Client’s Jill had tried loads of diets but every time a new one was started Jill ended up eating more at the thought of the word “diet” so in the end gave up and came to the conclusion that she was comfortable in herself so why bother counting calories and putting pressure on herself only to be disappointed when the diet failed

That was until Jill saw a photo of herself at her mums 50th birthday party and knew that she really wasn’t happy and something had to change and quick. Through Facebook Jill had spoke to a friend who told her about Bodyline and how easy and effective the weight loss programme was. With nothing to lose Jill attended the Stockport Clinic and was amazed that in the first week she was 4IB lighter and dieting without her even noticing

By making sure that she ate little and often and ditched the car when she could to exercise,  within 4 weeks of starting with Bodyline she had dropped down a dress size and had lost an amazing 11Ib.

after 2Jill used her weekly trips to the clinic for her weigh in to remain motivated to lose more

She started to share her success with all her friends and colleagues at work cashing in on the recommend a friend deal that Bodyline run by receiving free weeks for every friend that completed a month’s programme

But it wasn’t all about the free medication, Jill and her friends created a support network of their own, spurring each other on to lose weight, even her husband jumped on the Bodyline train after he could see just how effective and easy the programme was.


By July Jill had lost a staggering 2 stone and had slimmed down to a size 10-12. Her energy returned and she was able to do more with her family especially with her children who she had blamed for her weight gain. Bodyline are not just about getting you slim they also help you remain slim. Jill had a break over the Christmas period but was able to keep the weight off with support from Bodyline Stockport

After her break she returned to her programme to reach her goal of dropping down to a size 8-10 and weighing 9 stone 10Ib. With her new slimmer body and her confidence back, both Jill and her husband look and feel better than ever and it’s all thanks to Bodyline Stockport.

‘I will never go back to the old me, I like the new me too much… Thanks to the lovely ladies at Bodyline, I wanted to do well and you were always there to spur me on to reach my goal’