Success Stories
April 11, 2014











Kez was depressed on benefits, unemployed and had no social life. She was so unhappy that she hid when ever there was a camera around, the before photo (Right) is thanks to her 5 year old daughter but having lived in the North West area for 5 years, she had never even ventured out of her home town.

 Bodyline helped her ge the kick start she needed to feel more confident.


By taking her prescribed appetite suppressant’s daily as part of her Bodyline weight loss programme, hunger was more controlled and Kez found herself eating less. With the personal and friendly approach at Bodyline’s Warrington clinic she felt more welcome and comfortable when it came to her weight loss reviews resulting in  Kez dropping down 2 dress sizes in no time at all.

Kez found herself more energised and was able to play in the park with her daughter and was even sporting a pair of leggings. A huge difference to the old Kez who couldn’t even climb the stairs without getting breathless and with starting a new job it was safe to say Kez’s life was changing for the better.


With her new found confidence, the dress sizes going lower and lower thanks to Bodyline’s easy and effective weight loss programme and a new training regime of 7 hours a week in karate, Kez wanted a new challenge, and it doesnt get much harder than the Tough Mudder challenge raising money for Breast Cancer.


This male dominated challenge involves climbing, jumping through fire, diving into ice and wading through copious amounts of mud but Kez managed not only to motivate herself to sign up but to inspire 7 more ladies (The Rack Pack) to take on the challenge with her. This is unheard of in the UK challenge resulting in Lynx Sportswear USA endorsements being issued to the ladies to test and review their latest sports bras.




Kez has really turned her life around since dropping 5 dress sizes with a Bodyline weight loss programme. If the Tough Mudder challenge wasn’t enough, she regularly gives blood and also donated a huge chunk of her hair towards a  fantastic cause run by the Princess Trust who makes wigs for children that are suffering from cancer.


How has she managed it you ask, its simple, Kez set her self targets, and lived by a one step at a time mantra. She is happier and is physically fitter than she has ever been. Kez believes that there are 2 things that altered her life, Bodyline Warrington and the easy and effective weight loss programme that they offer and the English Karate Academy. She now has a social life, a local support system and a positive attitude with a permanent smile on fer face.

If you want something bad enough you can achieve anything and Kez from our Warrington Clinic has gone way beyond this and all her hard work and charity work is both motivational and inspirational to others to achieve their goals and change their lives for the better.


All the team at Bodyline wish Kez the best of luck in her Tough Mudder Challenge, it is a fantastic cause and your story is both motivational and inspirational to others.


If you would like to support Kez to raise money for Breast Cancer then please donate what you can at:

It truly is a fantastic cause and every penny will make a difference towards such a cruel disease.