Success Stories
April 4, 2013

Merseyside mum loses over three stone with Bodyline

Natalie finds she puts on a lot of weight during her pregnancies.  She put on over 4 stone when she was pregnant with her third child, but struggled to lose the weight this time. 

She had tried other diets and weight loss plans but just couldn’t shift more than a few pounds.  As a busy mum of three young children, Natalie has a hectic live and is always on the go.  She was frustrated that she wasn’t getting anywhere with other diets.  A friend recommended Bodyline to Natalie and she hasn’t looked back since.

Natalie was 17 stone at her heaviest, she joined Bodyline at our Birkenhead clinic in October and has since lost nearly three and a half stone.  Natalie was prescribed Diethylpropion and Phentermine slimming tablets.  She found they really helped her and she has lost weight virtually every week since joining.

She puts her incredible weight loss down to the advice given to her by our experienced nurses.  They advised her to eat small portions every few hours and to drink plenty of water, she snacks on fruit between meals.

Natalie feels so much better now she has lost weight.  She has been trying on old clothes since she slimmed down, some are even too big for her now.  She is determined to continue her weight loss and would like to lose a further 2 stone.