Success Stories
August 9, 2012

Stockport mechanic loses six stone with Bodyline

“Being physically fit is pretty essential for a mechanic, but at 20.7 stone and a size 42 waist, I was struggling with the practical side of my job on a daily basis and all because of my size. To get under a car, I would always have to jack it up first – it was getting beyond a joke, my stomach just wouldn’t fit. Not only that, I was struggling to keep up with my little boy and I would get out of breath as soon as I started running around the park. Every day was a struggle and I knew I needed to sort out my weight – for the sake of my career with Mercedes, my family and my health.

Richard: Before

Richard: After

“That’s when I heard about Bodyline. I expected the clinic to be full of women but to my surprise, there were quite a few guys there. Since joining in January I have lost six stone and my waistline has reduced to a 36. The appetite suppressants that I was prescribed as part of the weight loss plan have reduced my appetite and I now have my eating habits under control. Whereas before I would eat all day long, I now have a healthy breakfast, a light lunch on the run, some fruit to snack on and then a main meal early in the evening.

“My customers don’t recognise me sometimes which always makes me laugh, I guess I forget how big I was. At one point I was wearing a size XXL t-shirt and now I’m in a medium to large. It was a great feeling going into work and having to ask for a smaller uniform every few weeks – I must have cost them a fortune but they have a fitter more productive mechanic as a result so they are really pleased for me and I really think that I can do my job better now that I am slimmer.”