Diet Tips
June 19, 2013

The M-Plan Diet

The Mushroom diet is the latest diet celebs are using to shed some pounds but keep their assets.  This new diet is said to help you women lose weight from problem areas like the tummy, thighs and arms, whilst maintaining their bust.

Nutritionist, Jeanette Jackson says “We all know that feeling of losing weight everywhere but where we want, particularly if you’re a typical British pear-shape.”


She goes on to say that female celebrities use the diet when they want to looks extra svelte at the last minute.  It’s a favourite when they want to lose weight for big events like award ceremonies.  Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne and Roxanne Pallett are said to be fans of Mushroom based diets.  Kelly Osbourne has said eating raw mushrooms helped her to lose weight.

The vegetable has powerful nutritional values and is a good source of dietary fibre, fibre encourages good bowel function and helps you to feel fuller for longer.  If you eat more mushrooms it’s less likely you’ll reach for high calorie foods the rest of the day.

The idea is, you replace one snack at lunch or dinner with a mushroom based dish.  Mushrooms are very high in protein but still low calorie.  Mushrooms are also high in vitamin B, zinc and iron which help to make your skin healthy and give you strong and shiny hair.